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Image 22 Feb

Food Skills for Families certifications fall 2012 at Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

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18 Feb

I am an active area community facilitator, associated with the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society among others, for healthy living with a particular interest in food skills.   A background in hospitality and foodservice, my current direction surrounds social enterprise development in health care prevention and wellness.

Our business plan is to develop programming and apps for healthy living & food skills with the aforementioned partnering groups and others.

We aspire to enhance the participant experience and facilitation processes in community health and wellness programming with mobile technology apps.

Our mission:  Help people become and stay healthy from a holistic view.  Empower individuals and groups to be more active in managing their own health.

Preventative medicine is a rapidly emerging focus in all areas of health care, driven by available technology and social media interaction enabling real time point of contact by both providers and individuals.

We are excited with the prospect of making a difference.  Thank you for taking time to view the initiative.  Your thoughts and comment are most welcomed.

Healthy & Holistic Aboriginal Families (HHAF)

18 Feb

Healthy & Holistic Aboriginal Families (HHAF) program

Healthy & Holistic Aboriginal Families (HHAF) program founded at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS)

13 Feb

Apps for Healthy Living & Food Skills

13 Feb


13 Feb