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26 Mar

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Health Accord Vision – without Health Accord!

29 Apr

Drive transformative shift in community delivery of chronic care and intervention management with mobile internet technology capabilities; Connecting Community Health Technology Delivery.  

We all are well aware of the massive market potential to profoundly alter how healthcare is delivered and the ways in which patients and consumers participate in managing their own conditions.  Wireless health and research tools support, simplify and inspire patients in managing their health.  

(As community facilitators, delivering provincial and national healthy living programs) we seek scaleable solutions that will really make a difference.  

The plan, develop an inclusive sustainable community engagement template for mobile health and prevention access and distribution, as seen from the perspective of the individual, consumers, patients, frontline providers and community hubs.  Where software and hardware work together as an ecosystem of local, mobile and social community health engagement.  

The need for a social enterprise constructing of the initiative is to position all parties a level field in which to facilitate the delivery of their expertise, product, programs, activity and interests; everyone makes money as they would normally do in their own way – access to the portal for information and direction is public and open to all.  eHealth Connect enterprise revenue will charge sellers, content providers, partners and sponsors a deposit, annual fee and commission on each transaction.  Structured as a hybrid social enterprise, profit or surplus will reinvest in continuing platform program development, reach and support.  

Mission statement:  A community engagement network interface portal structured to be a healthcare enterprise ecosystem powered by internet-based clusters of (programs & services) fulfillment business and social media connection.   

We believe this will solve a significant acceptance coordination hurdle for community mHealth technology roll out.  Turning the tables, from top down to bottom up – or – from provider-focused to consumer-focused, on an antiquated healthcare delivery mindset. A possible factor in lacklustre Accords?  

Innovation Action on the Ground – 2014 eHealth Accord

26 Aug

The 2014 Health Accord Vision: A systematic transformational Health Care approach to becoming more sustainable, in the shift from an acute-care model to a chronic-care model and a broadening of scope to health in general including prevention and socio-economic factors that lead to health issues. (Special to the Globe and Mail, December 1, 2011)

Innovation Action

That innovation is key to long-term sustainability of health care is generally agreed. And what needs fixing is known. This is particularly true for chronic care and prevention as representative of a most disturbing progressing health care downfall scenario.

But how to make it happen on the ground is a major struggle and choke point moving ahead. Community-level health care, and all that implies, is decidedly a most important focus if we are indeed to see substantive movement from an integrated institutionalized system to a dispersed connected community delivery.

But what to do then? Here’s food-for-thought, and, a readily available solution……

“Take two apps and call me in the morning”, aptly put by UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office, is a ground zero innovation opening to heighten outcomes. Apps place everyone in the loop. Apps are ubiquitous today, and our eHealth variety need a more unique name, but nonetheless here rests in part the solution to a person/patient-centric, millennial community health care.

Engagement with patients and participants in chronic care, prevention and wellness issues is the new viewpoint. And on the ground or in communities, care and services delivery focuses on needs and best practices for individuals. Communities are most importantly the intersection of clinical care and the social determinants.

An eHealth Apps Store enterprise or eHealth (Community) Engagement enterprise storefront will create and deliver a real-time need and availability provision for practitioners, caregivers, professionals, clinics, researchers, facilitators, volunteers, trainers, service providers, health officials, social services, patients and individuals. Everyone in the loop! Particularly as leveraged by social media.

The consequences of not acting are both economically and socially staggering. Let’s get on building with innovation.


4 Jul IMG_0058

Empower individuals and groups to be more active in managing their own health.  Help people become and stay healthy from a holistic view.  

Chronic care prevailing prevention thinking and policy is rapidly burgeoning toward interactive community delivery, driven in part by universal technology and social media enabling real-time point of contact for both individuals and providers.

Mission:  Create a universal portal to link community programming for all stakeholders; community hosts, services & programs facilitation and training, facilitators, volunteers, support agencies, partners, sponsoring groups and municipal/regional/provincial/federal jurisdictions.  And, to build apps to enhance the participant experience and facilitation processes in community services and programming with mobile technology

  • eHealth Apps (apps provider) is an innovative and self-sustaining entrepreneurial social enterprise for delivering community prevention and wellness programs and services and community networking.

We are excited by the prospect of making a difference.  Thank you for taking time to view the synopsis.  Your thought and comment is indeed welcomed as we seek collaboration and communication in continuing on this path.

lyn brooks  2013

Image 22 Feb


Image 22 Feb

Food Skills for Families certifications fall 2012 at Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

welcome to our blog……..

18 Feb

I am an active area community facilitator, associated with the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society among others, for healthy living with a particular interest in food skills.   A background in hospitality and foodservice, my current direction surrounds social enterprise development in health care prevention and wellness.

Our business plan is to develop programming and apps for healthy living & food skills with the aforementioned partnering groups and others.

We aspire to enhance the participant experience and facilitation processes in community health and wellness programming with mobile technology apps.

Our mission:  Help people become and stay healthy from a holistic view.  Empower individuals and groups to be more active in managing their own health.

Preventative medicine is a rapidly emerging focus in all areas of health care, driven by available technology and social media interaction enabling real time point of contact by both providers and individuals.

We are excited with the prospect of making a difference.  Thank you for taking time to view the initiative.  Your thoughts and comment are most welcomed.


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